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March 24, 2011



I was surprised by the tone of the documentary, not least because anyone who reads the Old Testament closely cannot come to the conclusion that idolatry and polytheism were major issues in pre-exilic Israel and Judah.

On a different point, isn't Barker's Creation more recent than Temple Themes? And is there any more information about her new book that you mention?


Sorry, my earlier comment should say 'that anyone who reads the Old Testament writings seriously cannot fail to conclude that idolatry and polytheism were recognised issues in ancient Israel and Judah.' Or something like that!

Tom Kraft

Hi Terry,

yes, 'Creation' is more recent, but was not mentioned here as it is not dealing with the same topic.

The new book will mainly look at the female figure in the temple and how the memory of her fed into early Christian liturgy, worship and art. Some of that is mentioned briefly in 'The Great High Priest', but Margaret alway planned to work that out in more detail. The veneration of the virgin Mary in early Christianity is full of Temple imagery, which should not be ignored.


I'll look forward to it. Margaret's stuff is always good.


In other words, given conflicting claims about a putative religious tradition (ie, what went into the Septuagint, and what was left on the cutting-room floor, so to speak) it's best to error on the side of conservatism, and consider it hearsay and mythological. Old Testament: the greatest story never told

AS Schopenhauer sort of realized.

Jack Napiare

Why would God have a wife? He dosn't have any clothes to wash!? lol

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