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February 07, 2011


Johannes Weiss

could you please tell me what happened to the following titles, which were originally planned to come out in late 2010-early 2011 ?
They seem to have disappeared from the site!

Webb Robert L. – Goodacre Mark, Jesus as Restoration Prophet: Engaging the Work of E. P. Sanders.
Webb Robert L. – Powell Mark A., Jesus as Israel’s Messiah: Engaging the Work of N.T. Wright.
Webb Robert L. – Miller Robert J., Jesus as Peasant Sage: Engaging the Work of John Dominic Crossan.


The Dave

Just wondering if you could blog an update on the ICC of Joshua by Auld. It's appearing all over the web with a publication date of Feb 2011. And if it's about to hit the market, I WANT IT.

(Sorry this is off topic, but the email link didn't work)

Anna Turton

To Johannes Weiss - I am terribly sorry but these three titles have been cancelled

many thanks

Anna Turton

Once again - I am terribly sorry but the ICC of Joshua by Auld has also been cancelled

many thanks

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