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September 16, 2010


Mike Bird

You need to get ask Benny16 how many T&T Clark books he has on his book shelf!


I'd love it if he had a copy of 'Benedict XVI' a guide for the perplexed.


Jesus was a essentially an outsider, a radical Spiritual Teacher who taught entirely within the tradition of Judaism. He taught and demonstrated a spirit-breathing Spiritual Way of Life.

He was a Jew as were his direct disciples. They certainly would not have called themselves Christians.

He road into town on a donkey, unrecognized and unannounced. He associated with and lived with the common people in very ordinary circumstances. He is famous for kicking the money-lenders out of the temple. He had no worldly power.

He was executed with the connivance of the then in power ecclesiastical establishment because he was probably a threat to their worldly power and privileges.

Does Benedict and his very worldly power exercising church have any congruence with any of the above?

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