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May 26, 2009



I have registered on the webpage but I haven't gotten any email yet. Is there something else I need to do or does it just take time?

An Anxious Anglican

Nor have I; not very reassuring, given the magnitude of the financial investment in this collection!


Yes, please let us know...

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Tom Fowler

has anyone actually received this yet? I registered a while ago and have yet to hear (or receive anything). any comments would be appreciated!


Yeah, I haven't heard anything either.
If it is taking time that would be good to know, but right now I feel kind of lost without any information.

Term Paper

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The above comment by 'term paper' is spam - please delete it. (You can delete this as well if you want!)

Bill B

Still waiting, and very saddened that T&T hasn't gotten their corporate act together in almost 12 months.

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