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February 26, 2009


tony foley

This is a fairly thorough review of the concept of sacrifice in christianity and it appears that Daly is on the right track about sacrifice being an intra-trinitarian movement into which we are called to participate by offering ourselves. Daly however has a number of bees in his bonnet which will not escape the attentive reader. For example, he is fairly hung up on the words of consecration affecting the Eucharistic sacrifice. I wondered why this was so important to him. I came away doubting Daly's catholicity, in particular, reading between the lines, I am doubtful whether he subscribes to the Catholic/Orthodox view of holy orders. At times, Daly appears to be from the school of thought (rife since the Council) that views the past through a lense of patronising distrust. His ending of the book however was humble and warm and it is delight to see a man in the evening of his life so excited by his subject.

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