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February 27, 2009



Received the CD set but very disappointed in the two low quality red book cases the books are seated in. Both cases must have torn during shipment because they are cheaply constructed. For the high price of the books themselves, Continuum should have included much better quality book cases.



In fact, as I look more closely at the above Preview photograph of the CD set, I note that the tan book case imprinted with the KB logo on the sides is not at all what I received in the mail. Was this a last minute production change or can I get the correct book case?

Corstian Devos

Hi Tom:

I am trying to register on-line to receive the free set of indexes and access to the on-line index and the link provided www.continuumbooks.com/dogmatics is not working. Help please!

Chris Kettler

I noticed that the prefaces (both Barth's and the editors') are not included in the new edition. Is there a reason for this?

Chris Kettler


Will students be able to buy individual volumes for classroom use? In other words, could I assign a subvolume as a textbook and could our University order that subvolume straight from T&T Clark?


Hi all,

sorry for the delay - I was away in sunny Poland for two weeks. Here are answers to your queries:

@Todd: The decision for a monochrome case was made out of production considerations after the promotion material had been produced. The cases should be stable enough, but the books are quite heavy, so perhaps the cases broke during shipment. We are happy to send you new empty boxes. Please get in touch with our customer services.

@Corstian: Link for registration is working now.

@Chris: The forewords were not included in the Study Edition. The main reason is that they mainly give outdated information on how a particular volume came together at the time. However, we will discuss this with the Princeton editors. I think the best way to deal with this will be to make them available on-line together with the indexes for the individual fascicles.

@Kent: Individual volumes won't be available before autumn 2010.

Richard Bates

I'm not trying to make you laugh, but if you offer Church Dogmatics for the Kindle I'll buy it in a heart beat. Of course, there would have to be a savvy way to navigate such a looooooong text, but I must say that I appreciate how the Kindle presents the words to me and gets out of my way, leaving me alone with the ideas of a book. I'll also purchase anything by T.F. Torrance.

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