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February 27, 2009



Great news, Tom! Did you end up keeping reference to page numbers in the old edition?

Tom Kraft


thanks! Yes, page numbers of the old edition are kept in square brackets in the margins. After discussing this matter with the Barth Center at Princeton, they suggested that for the time being all scholars using the new Study Edition should still refer to the pagination of the Classic 14 volume set in order to avoid confusion. I think this makes sense.

Also, the (revised and updated) General Index volume still uses the old system of referencing volume and page (eg. CD III.2, p 420). The Index can therefore be used with the classic 14 volume edition as well as with this new Study Edition in 31 fascicles.

Chris T

Will T&T Clark be working on making the new CD available on the Amazon Kindle or other ebook readers? There's a lot of good theology available for the Kindle already, and lots of folks are migrating to that platform. Would love to see more Barth available on the Kindle!


Hi Fr Chris,

Barth on Kindle. Horribile dictu! This actually made me laugh!

We will certainly look into this. BTW The new version of the Church Dogs is already available electronically as a CDROM from Logos and as part of the Digital Karl Barth Library from Alexander Street Press.


I have checked with the relevant people: We are an active partner of the Amazon Kindle program and have started selecting titles for Kindle. Currently we are concentrating on backlist and "trade" titles and have not yet made a final decision about the academic list. We will do this in due course.

Mark Knight

Any plans to make CD available for Accordance on the Mac?


I'm a little curious about what the deal is with Eisenbraums offering this set. Do they do some distribution for T&T in the US or something? And I still don't know how they were able to run that 55% off special a while back. Thank God I got mine preordered then.


No plans so far.

Eisenbrauns sell our books but are not an "official distributor" as we have our own distribution in the US.


Chris Kettler

Will individuals volumes be for sale by this summer?

Chris Kettler


Hi Chris,

the individua volumes won't be available before autumn 2010.


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