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August 08, 2008


William Alford

Are there any other titles lined up to appear in this series? Looks great!

William Alford

P. S. I see that the author's name is spelt differently in your blurb and on the book cover - Marc and Mark are both printed! I think it is Marc as I have read some of his material in SJT.


Yes, we had already noticed that the name was misspelled. New cover now uploaded!

There are other forthcoming titles in the series:

Jennifer Cooper: Humanity in the Mystery of God (on Edward Schillebeeckx)
Jonathan Norgate on the Trinitarian theology of Isaak August Dorner
David Gibson with a book the use of scripture in the formation of doctrine in Calvin and Barth: "Reading the Decree"
R. Michael Allen with a book on the pistis Christou-debate: The Christ's Faith

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