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May 15, 2008



To publish a work of this magnitude and significance in paperback rather than hardback is an insult to the memory of Barth.


Regarding #3, are these different than the ones listed on Amazon (U.S.)?


Hi Barthian,

the classic edition will still be available in hardback.

The new edition coming out later this year is of particular interest to students who do not have a working knowledge of the ancient languages. Our main aim is to keep the price low for them.


Hi Jordan,

the stuff still being on Amazon is not the same edition. This goes back to an earlier announcement of the "new edition" at a time when it was quite unclear which revisions had been made by PTS. We have over and over again asked Amazon to remove this from their website - with no success, unfortunately.


Ah, ok. Thanks for that clarification. I had pre-ordered I/1 and I/2 when the price was low. Do you have any idea how much individual volumes will be?


Hi Jordan,

the individual volumes won't be available for some time, I am afraid. The price will be around $34.


This is exciting news. I do hope that the covers, as listed on the T&T Clark Website, will be incorporated into the paperback edition. The previous paperback edition had awful,fluorescent colors (particularly the pink!) - an awful sight on a bookshelf. The new covers (again indicated on the website as hardbacks) are much more subtle and classic looking.

So here's a request that the covers on the paperback edition look like the picture shown at the beginning of this post! Please.


Yes, I second Troy's comment. Classic look, please please please!


Hi all,

yes, the new covers will come in a more pleasant design in pastel colours. Thanks for your feedback!



A paperback edition, far from being an insult to Barth, will honour him, by making his work more widely available.

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